Maslow Bangladesh Limited is a platform to turn Bangladesh's large population into an asset. It's an advising consultation and training agency that promotes HR development in Bangladesh. Maslow develops and implements business excellence principles across several sectors. Maslow will guide individuals and companies to success by giving actionable methods to overcome hurdles.


Maslow isn't simply a consulting organization. It serves personal, professional, and corporate needs. We're a knowledge-based firm that explores new frontiers to give great service. As an ONLY QUALITY PEOPLE [OQP] oriented skill development organization we provide updated information and nurture talents.

Maslow Bangladesh Limited

Skill Development

Maslow Bangladesh Ltd. is an NSDA accredited skill development organization.

Company Vision

Assist the nation by developing a mentality of leadership. Preach the value of ethics and morality among course and training attendees. We will assist any organisation to train their employees on any kind of necessary training. To Provide Professional and Exceptional Services in the Area of Advisory, Consultancy and Training (ACT). Producing OQP (Only Quality People) is our priority. We believe in the great quote from Abraham H. Maslow - “What a man can be, he must be”.

Company Mission

Creating best quality skill oriented learning methods and developing modernised courses. Generating dynamic course modules for future upgradation and modification. Our organisation will develop soft skills including mind skills and obviously hard skills. Our courses and training are for the mass of people and those will be Career oriented. We will facilitate the people to gain spiritual momentum & good mental health.

Our Core Values

At Maslow Bangladesh, our primary goal is to strengthen communities and equip our students with the personal and professional tools necessary to achieve their goals. The following core values guide our organization:


We follow through on our promises....

Are you hesitant with your confidence?

Looking for help?

We declare with joy that the Maslow team is ready to help our students with full mind and technical support to improve their Latent talent.

We Promote New Business & Assist To Develop Skills

Maslow Bangladesh Ltd. provides Training, Advisory, Consultancy & promotes Business Incubation. We work for personal development along with organisational growth.

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You will get a good solution and marvellous service from our maslow team.

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You can develop your personal and professional skills from our fabulous trainers.

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Our Achievement

Within two years of starting the journey we have got the approval from NSDA.

Why Maslow bangladesh?

We have skilled trainers, technical support and good management that's why Maslow Bangladesh has been able to get government approval within two years as a training institute.

Personalized learning

We served each and every customer's educational approach that aims to customise learning for each student's strengths, needs, skills, and interests.

Trustworthy Company

We are trusted among our course attendees

Government approved Courses

1. Graphic Design 2. Digital Marketing

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We have skilled customer support team

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