The English Language Training program at Maslow Language Center was created to provide students with the academic and cultural tools they need to support their language development. By the end of this course you will be able to: • introduce yourself and other people • ask for information and also give your personal details to others • ask for and give locations of common objects • talk about different cities and countries • ask and give information about particular place of origin, nationality, first language and age • describe clothes and colors • describe people using adjectives • talk about different seasons and weather conditions 1. Class 1: Grammar and Implementation • Basic English Grammar • Implementation of grammar in sentence formation 2. Class 2 • Pronunciation of ABC • Import ...

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Reading English is an important part of language learning because it helps you develop other related skills like grammar, vocabulary, and writing. Reading allows language learners to explore topics that they love and stories that engage them.


The more you write, the better you learn to express your opinion and build sentences following the rules of the language. It's all about grammar, spelling, punctuation, and other aspects that you train in writing to help you build oral communication better.


Listening is vital in the language classroom because it provides input for the learner. Without understanding input at the right level, any learning simply cannot begin. they hear is an impetus, not an obstacle, to interaction and learning.


Speaking English out loud helps to expose any gaps in your vocabulary and grammar. When you're talking to someone and struggling – whether it's to finish a sentence or understand what they're saying, it shows you instantly what you do know and what you don't, where you're doing well and what you need to improve.

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